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Kodi & OpenELEC

Watch Kodi in an optimized system!

OpenELEC is a platform built from scratch to run the popular open-source home theatre software Kodi (previously XBMC). With a WeTek device, you’ll get a fully compatible system with guaranteed support from Kodi and OpenELEC teams, as we proudly sponsor these projects.

We believe that Trust cannot be bought, but the result of the support provided by our team.


Proud sponsors of OpenELEC Project


As Kodi Project diamond sponsors, we show our commitment and support to the opensource community.

Google GMS/CTS certified

Fully enjoy Google apps possibilities.

WeTek supports Lighthouse project by Outernet

Hooray! Weekend suggestions!

“⏰INCOOOOOOOMING!⏰” - that’s how wake-up alarms should sound like on Fridays. If you’re looking for ideas and cool sugge...

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