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We are WeTek

WeTek is an exciting global company based in Europe dedicated to create innovative streaming devices and set-top boxes, boasting solutions for DVB and IPTV/OTT. We’re committed on delivering the best experience to our users and providing amazing and personalized support.

Set-top boxes

We design powerful devices under the most demanding quality standards, creating systems that are truly reliable and future proof.


We build custom innovative set-top boxes specially tailored for your needs. From the board concept to the housing and RCU, up to packaging and branding, we've got you covered


We support Google Widevine and Microsoft Playready, allowing access to high quality video from the best services, such as Icflix, Starz, Netflix and much more.


Our team of experts is glad to provide all the help that you need. We believe in constantly amazing our users with a world class service level - that's our standard.

Pleased to meet you!


Meet us at various exhibitions and fairs around the world. Book a meeting and let us tell you all we can do for you. Come say "hi".

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