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Satellite Tuner in a Multimedia Box?

Satellite Tuner in a Multimedia Box?

Follow me in this reasoning.
You have an old monitor, or even a new one, but without any feature that allows you to watch TV. If you look around you, I'm sure that your PC monitor is not ready to do this. The case is even more serious if you are one of the millions people who loves watching different sports or even TV shows that are only available through satellite channel.

So, which is the purpose of a Multimedia Box that should allow you to access to all entertainment contents, if it doesn't give you access to the wonderful world of Satellite TV?

With WeTek Play, you've more than "just internet". Thanks to the TV Tuner, you can access hundreds of channels, in dozens of satellites.

WeTek Play is one of the only products on the market that combines the ability to watch internet channels and TV channels with a DVB tuner.

Well, why should you be satisfied getting just a part, when you can get it all?

We were serious when we said that with WeTek Play It’s all inside, because it really is.

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