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10 Stunning Skins for Kodi

10 Stunning Skins for Kodi

We’ve talked about how amazingly customizable Kodi is. In fact, it’s so customizable you can change its entire appearance. How? Installing new skins.

How to install a new skin.

Kodi allows you to simply change its skin in the most simple way. You just need to follow these steps:


  1. Head to System > Settings > Appearance

  2. Click on Skin and choose Get more…

  3. Choose the Skin you wish to download

  4. Head back and apply the downloaded skin.


10 skins you should know about.


We just won't rank skins. There’s so much good work out there, that it's really hard for us to decide who’s best. Believe me when I tell you that people around the office get really crazy about their favorite skin. But, no drama!  We have a couple of expensive TV screens hanging around the office, so we can’t afford to have objects flying during heated discussions about skins.

Bearing this in mind, we have created a digest with no particular order.

Aeon Nox

Definitely one of the most beloved skins by Kodi’s community. Think of it like a streamlined version of Kodi’s default skin but with revamped looks. It’s a very good option if you’re running on devices with less power under the hood.


One of the best looking and more complete skins for Kodi. You can actually feel it upon download, as it usually takes a bit longer. We wouldn’t recommend it for more “modest” devices, however, if you’re running Kodi on a fairly powered machine, knock yourself out! You’ll have a blast with this one.


“Classics never die”, right? This skin perfectly encapsulates that idea and builds upon that premise. It displays an exquisite and distinct classy vibe and captures the essence of film noir golden era. On the practical aspect, you’ll find the split menu a very interesting take on the traditional configuration. Also, it boasts touch support in case you’re using a tablet or smartphone. We recommend using this skin while wearing a fedora hat. Slick.


Amber is all about elegance and allowing your screen (and eyes) “room to breathe”. This is a very lightweight option that is guaranteed to run smoothly through a multitude of different devices. Also, it allows for fair number of customization options: for instance, you can customize your home shelf either horizontally or vertically


Box keeps it simple and BIG! This skins successfully trims a lot of features some users may consider to be “fat” and focus on the essential. Doing so, allows you to experience a comfortable and very intuitive navigation throughout each and every menu with its signature minimalistic square elements and vibrant colors.


Definitely one of the most beautifully designed skins for Kodi ever. It pretty much offers whatever the default skin offers, but with much more style. A true feast for your eyes with no cheap tricks. Each line, each color, each negative space, all working in perfect harmony. The best part? It works: you can control it with about any peripheral, whether it is a mouse, air mouse or any other.


Your moment of zen. Nebula skin will successfully induce you relaxing thoughts via its delicate menu design and chromatic signature. IT’s a simple, yet rich skin with lots of customization options.


KOver is a true champion of customization. It picks up on Unity’s trail and displays a very carefully design featuring an interface composed of flat-looking card shapes. Using the included editor called KOver designer, it allows you to import layouts previously made by other users. Yeah! Power to the community! How neat is that?


Fast! So fast! This is one of the most responsive out there. Navigating through its menus is an experience of its own. Also, and despite being one of the most beautiful skins and most beloved around the office, it is amazing for using on touchscreens.  Apart from that if you’re using directional keys, you’ll be able to take full advantage of it.


Good ol’ default skin! An there’s a good reason why it is the default skin: it just works. Well, not only for that reason. Apart from being super intuitive, it kind of has a stylish look. Perhaps, not as beautiful as Unity, but still, there’s nothing wrong with Confluence. If you just stick to this skin, you’re not missing out, you’re actually using one of Kodi’s best skins.


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