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A Practical Guide That Will Help You Understand Tuners

A Practical Guide That Will Help You Understand Tuners

What distinguishes a streaming device from a set-top box? You can say that the latter has a tuner that enables you to watch free-to-air channels.


Simple, right?


Let’s make understanding tuners even easier and lay it down for you.


What’s a tuner?

Well, these are tuners!


Get Tuners for WeTek Play 2


Sorry for the repetition, but a tuner allows you to watch free-to-air channels. Our television tuners convert digital television transmission into audio and video signals which can be further processed to produce sound and a picture. This means that, if you have an Antenna, Cable or Satellite dish, you’ll need a device with a tuner, such as WeTek Play 2, to reproduce the signal.


Why do I need a tuner?


You need it to watch free-to-air television. That is subscription free TV channels broadcasted via terrestrial digital signal (antenna, or cable) and satellite. If you wish to cut-the-cord, you’ll definitely need a device such as WeTek Play 2 with a tuner. It’ll open the door to your country’s major broadcast networks, which you can pair with popular streaming services like Netflix, or Amazon Prime and save a considerable amount of money in yearly cable bills. For instance, in the USA, if you have a TV Antenna, you can watch all shows from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and CW for free.


How does it work?


Digital terrestrial broadcasts.


  1. Digital Terrestrial Signal (DVB or ATSC) is broadcasted

  2. The signal reaches your TV Antenna or arrives via cable

  3. Your WeTek Play 2 tuner decodes the signal and delivers video and audio to your TV​


Satellite broadcasts.


  1. Satellite signal (DVB-S) is broadcasted into space

  2. The satellite captures the signal and relays it back to Earth

  3. Your Satellite Dish picks up that signal and transmits it to your WeTek Play 2

  4. Your WeTek Play 2 tuner decodes the signal and delivers video and audio to your TV​


Which tuner is best for me?


It depends on your region’s digital television standard and the connection you wish to explore - TV Antenna, Cable or Satellite. WeTek Play 2 comes with its own modular tuner which you can choose upon purchase on our webshop. Since it’s modular, it means that you can get a tuner for Antenna and Cable decoding and another one for Satellite and change them around how you see fit.


WeTek offers three different tuners:


  • DVB-C/T/T2

    • For TV Antenna and Cable connections. Available all around Europe, most of Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Know more about DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C.

  • ATSC

    • For TV Antenna and Cable connections. Available in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Korea. Know more about ATSC.

  • DVB-S2

    • For Satellite Dish connections. Available all over the world, but depends on the provider. Know more about DVB-S2.​​

If you want to know more about Digital Television Standards around the globe, check this out.


How to switch between tuners?


WeTek's tuners are easily interchangeable. That's one of its cooler features! For instance, if you live in an area that's served by satellite service, but Cable is coming soon, you can just switch between your Satellite (DVB-S2) tuner to a Digital Terrestrial Tuner (DVB-C or ATSC) without having to buy a whole new set-top box.



It's as simple as that.