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Watch Free To Air TV using Kodi

Watch Free To Air TV using Kodi

If you own a WeTek Play 2, you should know by now that for you to have access to free-to-air television, is as simple as counting one, two, three:

  • Connect your antenna, cable or satellite dish to your WeTek Play 2 tuner.
  • Open WeTV app.
  • Automatically or manually scan for channels.

And that’s pretty much it. You’re ready to enjoy subscription-free television. We tapped this issue a while back when we talked about tuners.

Even though this is a very attractive and easy method, it’s not the only way for you to watch subscription-free TV.

Enter our good friend, Kodi...

To tune or not to tune

Having access to a terrestrial or satellite connection is key to know what kind of service you’re going to go with.

Device with a tuner such as WeTek Play2:
This is the most simple way to enjoy free television, as in most of the cases you just need to plug your antenna, cable or satellite. It is pretty much plug-n-play.
Get a device without a tuner such as WeTek Hub or WeTek Core:
You’re entering the IPTV realm. Even though things are changing for the best, it’s still not as straightforward as plugging your antenna to the tuner.

Thank God for Kodi

Kodi is completely free, open source and comes pre-installed in all WeTek’s devices. One of it’s greatest strengths the wealth of third party add-ons built by its thriving community of developers.

PVR Simple Client

Let’s focus on “I do not have a tuner nor will I get one within the foreseeable future” and start by saying, “Well, free-to-air television via terrestrial or satellite connections is kind of cool and hassle free, but let’s see how we can help you.”

PVR Simple Client is a basic PVR Addon for Kodi and works as a backend for receiving PTV Live TV, Radio channels, and EPG directly on Kodi.

This addon allows you to setup live TV easily. It lets you add URL link to an M3U file or direct it to a local file that you can access in no time.

Coming up with those lists can be sometimes tricky, though. It works best if you already possess your own lists.

Another good alternative is USTVNOW. This is a TV service created for the U.S. Military Service Members and Americans Abroad. You can watch and record U.S. TV shows & movies over the Internet with no commitments. At this time you must be a US citizen or resident to watch US programming. Although USTVNOW may be introducing other countries' programming in the future.

Though you have a subscription that you can pay for extra channels, the basic free plan is already cool offering ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, and My9.

TV Headend

Let’s focus now on “I do have a device with a tuner, but I’d rather use Kodi.” Fair enough.

Tvheadend is an open source TV streaming PVR backend software application for Kodi JeOS systems supporting DVB-S(2), DVB-C(2), DVB-T(2), ATSC, IPTV (UDP/HTTP), and Analog video (V4L) as input sources. This means that you'll need to install OpenELEC of LibreELEC to enjoy, but it's worth it and fairly simple

You can even download TVHGuide, which is an Android client for Tvheadend, a TV streaming server.