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The 5 Most Popular Streaming Services

The 5 Most Popular Streaming Services

Choosing is always difficult. It's worse when you have multiple options...

It's no different in the streaming world. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling, YouTube TV... What’s the best choice?

Search no more. Just read this Top 5 and decide which is the best for you. (Maybe all five!)


Talking about streaming services and not mentioning Netflix is like playing hockey without skates. You can walk, you can score, but you won’t have the real flavor of the game.

Best for the overall audience, the interface on this old fave is still the sharpest of them all. Easy to use and always being optimized. Another plus is the recommendation system that helps you find the best of the best. And Netflix has a lot of good stuff, from TV shows, movies, comedy to original programming (House of Cards, anybody?).

The only drawbacks of this service are the price (consider it expensive); the limited brand-new content; and how often the titles disappear from your spectrum.


If you want to know what's hot on network TV, Hulu is the place to find out. This service provides a great selection of the current major network shows (even the full current season).

Being cheaper than a cable subscription or an HD antenna, Hulu is relatively inexpensive. Which is great for your savings: quality original programming at a low price, including joint venture shows and quirky anime classic series.

Unfortunately, not everything is good in Hulu. The frequent commercials make you scream for an ad-blocker. The interface makes you wish you could go back to the time of interactive fiction, where all the adventure was in text.

Amazon Video

You are a family guy. You want to spend some quality time with your kids and laugh a little. So, you must take out an annual subscription (yes, annual!) with Amazon Video. It's the best option for you, thanks to a deal with Viacom (Comedy Central and Nickelodeon).

OK, Amazon is more than these two choices, it's a take-it-all deal. With a good range of content, you can watch a lot of recent and decent movies, television series, and some good, original programming, like Alpha House.

There is a distinct lack of new releases, and the extra charge for "à la carte" content comes on top of the annual subscription. However, you must remember that with this annual fee you get a video streaming service, free two-day shipping on your purchases, a free Kindle book each month, and unlimited access to Amazon Music...


You may ask us: but what in hell has Twitch to do with the previous three services? And we would answer: to gamers? A lot.

First, let's start with the downs. Yes, some streams are bad. The interface is not the easiest of all, and the community can be a little unpleasant for some. And it's all about games.

Twitch is the most popular game-broadcasting service out there. Let us rephrase that: Twitch is the most popular and free to watch or streaming game-broadcasting service out there. With a huge variety of games, real-time interaction with hosts, and live eSports broadcasts of League of Legends, this is the place to be, if you are a gamer (or not!).


Music is a universal language. Everybody loves some kind of music, and if you are in a pop and hip-hop mood, Vevo is here to fulfill your urges.

This streaming service has a great selection of music videos and includes documentary series, news about up-and-coming artists, and even the option of live streaming of curated music videos that runs 24/7. Do you know MTV? Yes, Vevo is like the MTV of the 80s and the 90s, when MTV played (and cared about) music.

Isn't the navigation great? Who cares, when you've got so many music videos!