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7 Streaming Suggestions You CANNOT Miss This Summer

7 Streaming Suggestions You CANNOT Miss This Summer

Action? Adventure? Biography? Comedy? Terror? Horror? You can have all of this, and more, on your TV, this summer!

We know, you have little time to browse the Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. series and movie programs, so we have chosen seven films for you to watch on your sofa while sipping a cool drink and eating some popcorn (why not? Let’s go wild here!).

Shall we begin?

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick is back and with a lot of flare and destruction. In this second instalment of the series, Keanu Reeves meets up again with Laurence Fishburne (they haven’t made a movie together since The Matrix trilogy).

The plot of Chapter 2 takes us on a never-ending chase for survival, where John Wick tries to stay alive, while every hitman wants to reclaim the bounty placed on his head.

With a good critical response, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a non-stop action movie, with amazingly choreographed fight scenes, making it the perfect film to watch this summer on your TV.

The Lego Batman Movie

A Lego movie is… a Lego movie… irreverent, fun and completely chaotic. The Lego Batman Movie is the second signature block-buster from the Danish company and full of family-friendly mayhem.

The story is based on the DC Comics character, Batman, and the permanent conflict between him and the Joker. In this case, let’s say that egos and hurt feelings made a hole in the Gotham City budget.

Beautifully animated, this film had a really good response from the critics, making it a “must watch” family movie, with laughs guaranteed.


Indonesia never ceases to amaze in martial arts action movies. This time it is with Headshot, an action-packed movie with astonishing fight scenes, where you can identify as many martial arts as there are actors: silat, wushu, or brutal fighting, being just some examples.

The plot is very straightforward, and not very original: a man with amnesia, called Ishmael by a student doctor that saves him, is forced to rescue his saviour, while confronting with his own true identity.

With two awards, one in Indonesia and other in France, Headshot is great fun and time well spent for fans of martial arts and action movies. Don’t stint on the popcorn!

The Lost City of Z

When a great nonfiction bestseller, written by journalist David Grann, meets a classic adventure film, we get The Lost City of Z. An epic story of courage, passion, the exploring spirit and obsession, that ends in disappearance (or will it be death?).

The story follows the adventures of the British explorer Percy Fawcett in the Amazon jungle, in the first years of the 20th century. The adventurer’s objective was to find a lost and once advanced civilization.

The classic style chosen by the movie’s director, James Gray, and the performance of Charlie Hunnam, makes this a mandatory classic of the exploration genre. You should… must watch, if you are a fan of these kinds of films!

Berlin Syndrome

If you are an Australian woman, after seeing this movie, we can guarantee that you’ll never go to Berlin. This psychological thriller mesmerises by the way an innocent action can take us to the deepest corners of obsession.

Clare is an Australian photographer who wants to find herself in Berlin. Everything is just fine. She even meets a great guy… But, life isn’t so simple, and this wonderful guy tends to lock people in his flat, located in an abandoned apartment block… Need we say more?

Berlin Syndrome is a well-written thriller that impressed the critics and audiences at the Sundance Film Festival. And now, you can judge for yourself, on streaming, this summer!

A Quiet Passion

Emily Dickinson was, without a doubt, one of the most influential American poets of the 19th century. Now, there’s a movie to tell us about this amazing woman, who made her mark on an era in American Literature.

A Quiet Passion is an astounding film, directed perfectly by Terence Davies and performed irreproachably by Cynthia Nixon. Both show the conflicted relationship between the poet and her close-knit family, along with the idiosyncrasies and spiritual convictions of that time.

The critics' response was very positive to this movie. This biography enchanted everyone who saw it in the cinema. Now, it’s your chance to watch it on your TV. Don’t miss it!

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Tip: if you find a buried corpse in perfect shape, never (NEVER!) carry out an autopsy. Leave it buried and flee to another State, or country!

The team of coroners, portrayed by Brian Cox (the father) and Emile Hirsch (the son) learn this truth the hard way. And, fortunately, you can watch it in streaming… and see how a normal day at the office becomes a real nightmare, truly unpredictable, with a rollercoaster rhythm.

The critical response was mainly positive and the Norwegian director, André Ovredal, was praised for his work on this film. Even Stephen King talked about The Autopsy of Jane Doe on his Twitter account, comparing it to Alien and early Cronenberg works.