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Netflix beats Cable TV in the USA

Netflix beats Cable TV in the USA

The number of Netflix subscribers beats cable pay-TV subscribers by millions…and that’s just in the USA.

The streaming service company surpassed US cable in total subscribers by 2.24 million. Netflix has 50.85 million, against 48.61 million subscribers for top US cable companies.

Netflix Beats Cable TV

However, these numbers don’t include minor cable networks, US satellite TV companies, and broadcast television viewers. Even so, these numbers represent a major milestone for Netflix versus traditional television providers.

Having doubled its U.S. subscriber base in the past five years, it was expected that this might happen sooner or later. But, expecting that Netflix could help people “cut the cord” is harder to believe.

Cable represents around 50% of the US pay-TV market, and in the last quarter of 2017 top cable companies lost more than 100,000 subscribers - a number that hardly represents a crisis in this market. But, in the same period, Netflix registered 1.4 million new domestic users.

If you want to go deeper, you have to remember that major cable providers have only lost 4 million subscribers since Q1 2012, while Netflix added 27 million. So, Netflix is far from taking over the throne of the home entertainment “kingdom”.

You have also to consider that Netflix isn’t the only streaming service in the market. Amazon, Hulu and YouTube are adding more subscribers too, gaining more of the market share. So, let’s praise this little victory and hope that more people realize that the best strategy is “cutting the cord”, once and for all.