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What are the Best Apps for an Android Box TV?

What are the Best Apps for an Android Box TV?

Having an Android box and not using all its capabilities is like driving a Porsche at 25 miles per hour.

Let’s face it, what defines the success of an operating system is its apps, and Android is a very successful OS. There are so many apps for this system, that the difficulty lies in the choice (whether it’s free or paid).

The market share in Android streaming boxes is growing, and with it come more and more users of apps. With 2 billion monthly active users across all platforms, this makes the creation and optimization of apps for set-top boxes more probable.

We predict you’ll have a tough quest for the best app in the near future, so let’s start with the best in the present.



Yes, it’s true: what happens in Vegas, stays in YouTube! And yes, it’s also true that this is the largest video-sharing website in the world. You can access YouTube through Chrome, or Opera, but the best experience comes from the app.

With YouTube, you can watch all kind of videos: movie trailers, funny videos, prank videos, random clips, live videos, music videos, etc. And you can watch them in 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080, and 4K resolution.


Netflix needs no introducing and has recently climbed up to the 4th must keep “tv brands” according to SRG, a Toronto-based consumer research company.

Top 15 Must Keep TV Brands in the US

With its wide offering including hit TV shows like Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black and, more recently, GLOW, alongside a solid repertoire of feature films from blockbusters to Sundance sensations, Netflix is a no-brainer.

Beside its catalogue, the ability to stream 4K and HDR content is also one of the features that makes Netflix it the undisputed king of video streaming.


Kodi can be easily defined as the opensource darling. Video enthusiasts and fans of JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) have been using Kodi for all their media center needs for year now and, most, importantly, are contributing to its evolution. In fact, Kodi’s community is one of the most vibrant out there!

Kodi is like a Swiss army knife of media content: it’s available for multiple platforms and operating systems and allows you to consume content in almost anyway you want. Watch live TV, play music from streaming services, connect it to your NAS and play your movies library, and so much more.


VLC is one of the most flexible video player app there is on the Internet. It can play all types of media files and on almost every operating system. And it’s one of the few compatible with Android TV and Android set-top boxes.

VLC supports music files, allowing you to hear your favourite bands, and there’s a great plus: it’s completely free and there’s no advertising.

It also supports music if you need that as well. It’s an all-in-one solution that should suit virtually everyone’s needs. It’s also completely free with no advertising and a range of other useful features.



Be it satellite, cable or terrestrial channels, you can see them all and with the best picture quality you can imagine, thanks to WeTV app. With a very user-friendly interface, you can scan all your favourite TV channels and enhance your living room experience.

What’s more, you can create lists of your favourite channels, select subtitles, alternate audio tracks, or check the TV Guide when available.

Sling TV

In simple terms, Sling TV is live television over the internet. Nope, no antennas, satellites, nor cable enter this equation. All you need to watch channels like ESPN, TNT, CNN,  AMC, History Channel and Disney Channel is an internet connecting and, obviously a Sling TV package that starts at $20 per month for more than 30 channels.

This service, that launched in February 2015, allows you to watch live and on-demand TV channels not only on your TV, but also on the computer, mobile devices and gaming consoles such as Xbox One.



First, if you like music as we do, Spotify is a must. This music streaming app has a lot of songs, a good algorithm for music suggestions and a great variety of playlist options (by default, your own, and from other users).

The simple interface and a good variety of subscription plans make Spotify one of the best Android apps to have.


Pandora’s philosophy of hitting the play button and forgetting it makes this app a strong contender in the music apps category. There is just one problem that makes this app less popular around the world: it has limited availability (USA, Australia, and New Zealand).

If you live in USA, don’t worry, you have access to all plans. If you are in Australia and New Zealand, read the app definitions carefully, because only some plans are available in your country. The rest of the world, unfortunately, must wait a little while to get this amazing app.


Google Chrome

If you are connected, you need a fast browser app (even in set-top boxes or streamers). Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world and you can install it in your Android box.

With this app, you’ll be able to use your TV to browse the web and watch live videos on Facebook, Twitch, etc.

Opera TV Browser

Opera is one of the best browsers in the world, which nobody uses. With a UI optimized for the TV screen, the Opera TV browser enables users to browse the internet on TV and via set-top boxes.

Designed to be quick and light, this browser may be a good option for you to watch live videos on all your social media and favourite sites.