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What are the best apps for live sports?

What are The Best Apps for Live Sports?

There’s nothing better than sitting on the sofa, drinking something fresh, eating some snacks and watching sports.

It relaxes you, gives you an excuse to hang out and bond with your friends or family, and makes you feel better. Some people say that it’s a kind of therapy!

Mark Teixeira, a three-time baseball All-Star and winner of five Gold Glove Awards and three Silver Slugger Awards, said once: «My greatest memories as a kid were playing sports with my dad and watching sports with my dad».

Being in front of a television watching sports, for him, was more than leisure time, it was a bonding and learning time. It was an experience.

Gather your friends, your family, and watch an NFL, NHL, MLB or NBA game. Plug in your streaming device to your TV, download an app and experience great moments.

The 5 best streaming sports apps

1.      WatchESPN

ESPN is… ESPN. A leader and a very well-known brand in sports news. This free app is a complement to your ESPN experience. You can see NBA, MLB and other sports games and events live, as well as studio shows.

At the same time, you can access live streaming of other ESPN channels, on-demand clips, news and highlights. Basically, WatchESPN is a must-have app for any sports fan.

2.      Sling TV

Sling Television is a real competitor, in terms of sports live streaming. This app lets you watch all the live games of Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball or motor-racing sports events you can imagine.

With just your remote control and one app, you can see all you want of NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, national and international Soccer, and NASCAR competitions.

3.      DirecTV Now

Is the basic NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA enough for you? In that case, you should try the AT&T option: DirecTV Now app.

This new standalone streaming service means you can enjoy the best of these sports on your television, with your friends and family. Be entertained with this app, easy to install and run on your streaming device.

4.      CBS All Access

CBS also has an app to download and to install on your set-top box. Although the name suggests that we have All Access, in matters of sport it isn’t quite like that.

Well, if you’re a fan of NFL, you can count on this app! But if you want to watch the streaming games of other sports, you will not have so much luck.

5.      Red Bull TV

If you are a fan of action sports, you can’t miss the Red Bull TV app. With this app, you have access to sports events, eSports, videos, documentaries, GoPro clips and TV shows all based around the most extreme sports you can imagine.

Snowboarding on the highest peaks? Downhill on the steepest slopes? Car park drifts? All this, and much more, is available on this app.

What apps do you have installed on your Wetek device?