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What Is WeTV and How It Works

What Is WeTV and How It Works

There are two fundamental rules to building a good app:

  1. An app just has to do one thing well.
  2. It must focus on the users’ needs, and iterate to achieve them.

There are disagreements between the developers, of course, but WeTV is the proof that these fundamentals work!

WeTV is an easy-to-use app, that quickly lets you find any channel you want (DTT, Cable or Satellite). If available, you can even hear your favourite channel in your own language or watch with subtitles.

We aim to deliver you an app that can be easily used, and that is quick and convenient. Thanks to you, and your engagement in our forum, WeTV is getting better, and it's helping Wetek Play 2 enhance your living room experience.

How to choose channels, subtitles and alternative audio tracks

Its minimalistic look makes it easy to access the DVB and Satellite Channel list, create a Bouquet/Favourite list, select subtitles, and select alternative audio tracks.

If you want to generally browse or discover some specific channel in Cable or DTT, you can scan automatically or manually.



If you want to watch some channel available only on satellite, you also can browse the channels list. You can choose from one satellite to four:

WeTV single satellite setup

WeTV DiSEqC A/B setup

WeTV DiSEqC A/B/C/D setup

To create bouquets, you need to press the button located on the left of the ‘OK’ button on your WeTek Play 2 remote controller, while WeTV is open. Then go to bouquet management, and there you can create, delete and manage your bouquets. If you want to add channels to these bouquets, you can select any channel, long press 'OK' button, and then choose 'Add to'.

Selecting subtitles or alternate audio tracks, when available, is very simple too:

  • To select subtitles, if they are available, press the GREEN button on WeTek Play 2 remote control, when watching the selected channel. The Subtitles Language menu should be displayed.

Subtitle Language

  • To select alternative audio tracks, if available at the selected channel, press the YELLOW button on your remote control. The Audio Language menu should be displayed.

Audio Language

Do you want to find out more about WeTV? Let us know!