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Coming Soon: September

Coming Soon: September

“Space: the final frontier.” This should be the motto for September. From the list of all the great shows, movies and TV series, we have found two about space, even if in an odd way, one is about humans with super-powers, and another about a theoretical physicist.

But there is one which doesn’t follow the theme… Can you guess which?

Star Trek: Discovery

Where can I see it? CBS All Access & Netflix

When can I see it? September 24, 2017


Star Trek is back, and in good shape (as far we can see in the trailers). Star Trek: Discovery is set ten years before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, and is anxious “to boldly go where no man has gone before...”

In this series T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader, is trying to unite the 24 great Klingon Houses. This leads the extra-terrestrial humanoid warrior species into a cold war with the United Federation of Planets. The USS Discovery, the ship and crew (we will be following) are caught up in this clash of civilizations.

Star Trek: Discovery, however, has a quirk: the episodes which are to be premiered on September 24 are a two-part “preview broadcast”. The subsequent episodes will be streamed through November 5 (as a “first chapter” of the story arch), while the episodes of the “second chapter” will begin streaming only in January 2018.

The Deuce

Where can I see it? HBO Now

When can I see it? September 10, 2017


Times Square in the 1970s was not like we know it today. The violence, the drug epidemic and a new disease known as AIDS were on the rise, and the Mob was always lurking in the background, operating and profiting from all this chaos.

The Deuce, in eight episodes, tells the story of Vincent and Frankie Martino, twin brothers who become frontmen for the Mob in Times Square, New York. At the same time, we follow the story of “Candy”, a sex worker who turns to the now legal and emerging porn industry.

The Orville

Where can I see it? Fox Now

When can I see it? September 10, 2017


From the mind of Family Guy’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, we present The Orville, a science-fiction comedy drama sitcom set 300 years into the future. The show follows the adventures of the USS Orville, a not-so-important exploratory ship of the Earth’s fleet, which will face many challenges, danger and angst...

This sitcom will be aired during the 2017-18 season and promises a lot of drama, tears and emotion, MacFarlane’s way…


Where can I see it? ABC app

When can I see it? September 29, 2017


If you are a Marvel fan you can’t miss this family drama set both on Earth and in the Inhuman city of Attilan, which is on the Moon. Basically, the series tells the story of a military coup that makes the Inhuman Royal Family seek refuge in Hawaii, where they have to save themselves and the world.

This promising series will debut on IMAX screens on September 1, 2017, and the series will premiere on September 29. The show will run for eight episodes and is the first live-action television series to debut in IMAX.

Young Sheldon

Where can I see it? ABC app

When can I see it? September 25, 2017


Bazinga! Sheldon Cooper has a series of his own… But not as you would expect! Young Sheldon is a prequel of the The Big Bang Theory and will follow 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper as his attempts to deal with a conservative East Texas’ high-school, while his very normal family will try to deal with him.

Although it is only scheduled to begin airing after The Big Bang Theory, on November 2, we decided to highlight it now, because there will be a special preview on September 25 that you can’t miss.