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Kodi Has 5 New Add-ons

Kodi Has 5 New Add-ons

Do you want to know what's going on in the world? Do you want to keep up with what is happening with most conservatives in the United States? Or do you want to find out about the news in a different way? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

Of course, you should relax a little too, hence the highlight we are giving to Crunchyroll. If you're a fan of Anime and everything from Asian entertainment, this is the right addon for you. If you're in a fitness mood, we also have an option for you with over 500 free videos: Fitness Blender.

Sky News

Sky News is a 24-hour international multimedia news channel. Based in England, this channel was the first to give 24 hours of live information both on its home country and in Europe. Sky News has, at this time, several other branded channels with the same philosophy, such as Sky News Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Italy.

All channels offer a wide range of information to their viewers, such as news 24 hours a day (as the slogan says: "First for breaking news"), the video catch-up service on all the key stories of the day, including sections for the UK, World, US, Business, Politics, Business, Entertainment and Strange News.


Newsy is a video news channel that produces news and analysis in short video format, in order to report in a quick and unbiased way. Topics covered range from news from the United States, World, politics, science, health, entertainment and technology, to business and sports.

Newsy was created with millennials in mind and tries to be a reference point for its target audience. That’s why the news is shown in short-length videos, with the focus on persistent curiosity, the promise of not having an agenda behind it and the commitment to engage in meaningful conversations by highlighting various sides to every story.


Newsmax TV is a US news channel created by journalist Christopher Ruddy in 2014. Known as a conservative channel, like Fox News, Newsmax TV has recently reached 40 million viewers, demonstrating its ability for market penetration.

This news channel is generalist and, in addition to documentaries, broadcasts political news, breaking news, world events, finance and health. The channel is on air 24/7 and is broadcast from the studios in New York, Washington, D.C., and South Florida. The following programs stand out:

  • “Top of the Hour News” - The latest breaking news.
  • “Special Programming” - Exclusive Newsmax TV programming.
  • “Newsmaker Interviews” - In depth interviews with today’s newsmakers.
  • “Health” - Lifestyle and health news.
  • “Finance” - Up-- to -date stock and financial news.


Crunchyroll is both a streaming video service and a community (with 23 million members worldwide) that focuses on the world of Asian entertainment and Japanese animation. A holder of several international licenses, Crunchyroll distributes episodes and films without limits to its subscribers.

Created in 2006 by a group from the University of California, and later acquired by Otter Media, this channel has more than 800 anime shows, more than 200 Asian dramas for users, and 50 manga titles in its portfolio. However, not all are available internationally due to licensing restrictions.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is a video channel that offers free full-length workout videos, workout routines, healthy recipes and more. Created by a couple of personal trainers, Kelli and Daniel, this channel features more than 500 exercise videos and all adapted for each fitness level.

The great goal of this couple is to make health and fitness attainable, affordable and approachable. In addition to the videos, viewers can also count on workout programs, wholefood meal plans, and health, nutrition and fitness information.