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Netflix hidden gems: TV series and movies you can’t miss

Netflix hidden gems: TV series and movies you can’t miss

Netflix changes its TV show schedule regularly; however, there are always hidden gems that remain. These are some that we have found and which we thought would be indispensable to you. Set aside the weekend, your set-top box and a couple of popcorn buckets as you’ll have a lot to watch.

The Babadook

Australia likes to surprise us! This time it surprises us in a psychological and terrific way. The Babadook is a psychological horror film that takes us to the depths of grief and shows it in the most innocent way: through a children's book and its main character.

The question that leads us through the film is always the same: will it be imagination or reality? And it is this question that take us through the drama of Amelia and her son, Samuel. This is a story that needed to attract attention at the Sundance Film Festival 2014 to be welcomed in the US and Europe, before being recognized in its own country.


Nowadays, it’s perfectly normal to talk about zombie apocalypses and that kind of human who so much enjoys biting healthy people. However, when Pontypool debuted in 2008 the zombies belonged to a niche market ...

But since quality can be seen at any time, we decided to resurrect this movie from Netflix’s list of hidden gems and promote it. Why? Because it's simply an incredible zombie movie and because we think you should put it on the list of your must-see horror movies.


If we say to you that this series tells the story of two friends who come together to open a detective agency business, you will shake your head and then do a facepalm. You'll think that it's one more police series, like so many others ...

But if we add that the agency is not licensed, that one of the pseudo-detectives is a former police officer recovering from an alcohol problem (Donal Logue of Gotham) and that the other is an ex-convict (Michael Raymond-James of True Blood), have we got your attention?

Throughout 13 episodes you can accompany this duo trying to solve crimes in a somewhat nebulous and ambiguous way, while having a good laugh along the way. Without a doubt, something worthwhile for a binger like you.

Peaky Blinders

One thing we should recognize is that the BBC produces the best period TV series ever. First, the clothes and the scenery are very faithful to the time, and are so full of detail that you can easily lose yourself in admiring the cities recreated for the series. Second, the stories are amazingly well written and the dialogues are always so real ...

Peaky Blinders is a good example of the excellence of this genre. The series takes us back to the Romani / Irish gang world of the same name and how that dominated Birmingham, England in the 1920s. Both Cillian Murphy, as gang leader, and Sam Neill, as police-officer responsible for breaking up the gang, turn in faultless performances.


Another story about Dracula? Yes! Another series of animation created from a video game? Yes! When will there be an end to this? In this case, we hope that we will never find it, because this really is a must watch!

Adapted from the Konami franchise for Nintendo, Castlevania maintains the spirit of the video game series as well as the emotion and style created by Ayami Kojima for the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night game.

If you're curious to see how vampire hunter Trevor Belmont defends Wallachia from Dracula and his minions, do not miss this series of just four episodes. You will soon see that it’s 90 minutes well spent in front of your TV and a good use of your set-top box.

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Did Star Trek have an animated series narrated by the original actors of the series? You're kidding me! Aren’t you?

No, we are not. It’s true that between 1973 and 1974 an animated series of Star Trek was broadcast, with 30 minutes episodes and dubbed by the actors from the original series. It's also true that this was the first Emmy-winning series of the Star Trek franchise.

So, if you're a Star Trek fan and you like minimalist, simple, story-driven animation, do not miss this opportunity to see one of the best trekkie TV moments ever.