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Spotify and Hulu bundled and Plex has new UI

Spotify and Hulu bundled and Plex has new UI

The streaming world is highly competitive. The fight for your attention is brutal and any company runs the risk of falling behind if it does not keep pace with this market.

The strategies are more than many: original TV series and movies, exclusive license guarantees, new product offerings, support for add-ons, a focus on new user interfaces or even the creation of bundles.

As for these last two strategies, the great examples come from Plex, Spotify and Hulu. While the company that produces the well-known streaming software suite goes for a new UI, the two streaming services companies are focuses on a bundle for students.

Plex goes for a new interface

Plex, after a few years, has decided to redesign the user interface of its Plex Media Player. For now, this interface will only be seen by subscribers of the Plex Pass. Subsequently, all users will enjoy this new interface, the company guarantees in its official blog.

The new Plex Media Player interface promises better searchability in your collection of movies and other media files, reducing the hassle of trying to find that album that you put in there the other day.

Another Plex bet is on the evolutionary user interface that adapts itself to different media types, regardless of their source. Basically, you have access to your media files and those shared by your friends on the same screen, whatever "server" is used.

Spotify and Hulu bundle for college students

Spotify and Hulu have teamed up to offer US college students a bundle of streaming entertainment. If you fit this profile and you have the means to prove it, subscribe and for $4.99 / month you can watch your favourite series or movies through the Hulu Limited Commercial plan and listen to your favourites artists on Spotify Premium for Students.

If you are already subscribed to the Spotify Premium for Students service or the Hulu Limited Commercial plan without any premium network add-ons, don’t worry, just update your service for this new bundle. Meanwhile, both companies have left open the possibility of creating new bundles targeted at a wider audience.