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Apps of the Month: October

Apps of the Month: October

October ... school has been back for a while, the rain threatens any fun outside and, in some cases, the house is getting ready for Christmas and for the snow that appears with it.

With you in mind, we have chosen these applications. One is about keeping the family together. Another is for the children and the time they spend around you begging for attention. We also have one that will allow you to browse the internet while you are using the set-top box. And, of course, two great games to play on Halloween.

Find out what we have in store for you and read on...

Tellybean Video Calling

Prepare your camera, connect it to your set-top box and install the Tellybean Video Calling application. Now, all you have to do is call anyone in your family who also has this application and they can enjoy your company as if you were in the same living room.

Celebrate Halloween with your family, or friends, even if you're away. Share special moments, in TV size (literally!). Basically, it's like you're with your family in the same room, but not physically. Start to prepare for Christmas!

Web Browser for Android TV

Web Browser for Android TV screenshot

Yet another web browser? Yes, it's true! Another web browser, but this one is different. In addition to supporting videos in full screen HTML5 and streaming, it also lets you surf the internet with your gamepad.

All cord-cutters know how much a good, capable web browser for Android TV box is needed, most of all to see images, watch videos and search for other online content that might interest you. But the most important thing is to guarantee high-quality viewing without interruptions, something that the Web Browser can provide.

PBS Kids Video

Watching cartoons when and how you want it is no longer a luxury, it’s commonplace. With the YouTube generation and the number of videos available through cable services, the memory of days and hours watching your favourite series in scheduled time has become very remote.

This has also made life difficult for parents, who have been forced to analyse most of the contents before showing them to their children. Thanks to the PBS Kids Video application, the situation has changed. In addition to the quality assured by the PBS brand (Curious George, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Peg + Cat, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, SUPER WHY!, Nature Cat, Ready Jet Go! and Sesame Street), the application has a security function that allows youngsters to see their favourite series without the danger of something less appropriate popping up.

Dead Trigger 2

The zombies are here to stay. If you think about it, they are a little bit like pets; since we started taming animals, we’ve never stopped. Zombies are similar; since movies and games were created with these kinds of characters, we’ve never stopped watching and playing them.

Combine “zombie” with the word “apocalypse” and you have the favourite theme of video games. As always, in Dead Trigger 2 the world's salvation is in your hands (and those of another 40 million registered people) with a first-person shooter experience. The problem is, you only start with a mêlée weapon and a miserable revolver ... Yes, you start by saving the world with just two weapons and the most interesting thing is not only that you can do it, but that you will have fun with your gamepad installed on your set-top box.

Into the Dead

If you're tired of fighting zombies and being a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, you can always play Into the Dead which is a zombie game where you are the only survivor ... Oops! Sorry!

But this game is different! Seriously! Besides having weapons and fighting from the perspective of a first-person shooter, you are a runner who never stops, and one that you must control so that you don’t hit the obstacles and the zombies along the way, while picking up random weapons and using them in the best way you can manage. In a word: frantic!