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Apps of the month: November

Apps of the month: November

November is the perfect month to restyle your set-top box. Thanksgiving is here, Christmas is just around the corner and you have an enormous gift list. That’s why we are here!

We aim to help you in this world of gift chaos and set-top box restyling, by suggesting some apps for you.

Haystack TV: Local & World News

By now you may be asking what a news app has to do with set-top boxes and Christmas. Well, first you should always be aware of what surrounds you. Second, you must know the weather forecast before you take a trip to your family’s home. Third, this app is different from the others news apps.

Pick up your favourite news sources, categories and topics. Haystack TV is smart and includes everything you pick and follow to include in your daily newscast. A new way to see news that won a Google Play Award for Best TV Experience of 2017 and Google Play Editors' Choice.

500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper is the best way to prepare your TV for Christmas. Thanks to its live wallpaper you can leave your boring old wallpaper and save time in searching for the perfect image.

This app will show you quality photographs from all over the world, organized by configurable features and categories. Beware of the high resolution of the images; it will take a bit of memory and only the high-end devices will support it in full.


You are giving a party in your home and you don’t know how to make it cooler than usual. You are on a date and you don’t know what to do to give your living room that extra something. Jamjitsu can be your app!

Create a playlist, display your pictures, share your YouTube favourites and all within reach of your smartphone. Better than that, you can ask your friends or date to add songs, videos and photos while you are together.

King of Fighters ‘98

Possibly the best KOF of the series and it’s here to prove it on your TV. With a great game balance, 38 playable characters and two game modes, King of Fighters ’98 can become the most played app on your set-top box.

You can play with the iconic characters from the teams Iori and American Sports, as well as Shingo Yabuki and Rugal Bernstein. And you can play with them in Extra and Advanced game modes. If you need some training, you also can choose the Training Mode.

Basically, KOF ’98 has come to steal your precious time and make it worth it!


Select a team and jam like crazy. NBA Jam is an Old School game, with a 21st century twist. All the great features, animations and images quality are here to please you with wonderful, fun playability.

If you are a ‘90s nostalgic and still remember the “boomshakalaka” tag, this game is for you. Pick any of your NBA favourite stars, from all 30 teams, and play it like never before.

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