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Kodi Add-ons That You Can’t Miss

Kodi Add-ons That You Can’t Miss

This article is for all the music lovers who follow us and who would like to know more about music and other subjects.

We have add-ons for headbangers, for the more meditative and classically-minded, and even for those who like to dance to the sound of the best Dance music of the 1990s. If you are looking for something more informative, you can always listen / view free podcasts and documentaries through the add-ons we suggest.

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Metal Video

If you're a Heavy Metal fan, this add-on is the thing for you. Thanks to careful curation work, you have access to the latest videos of the best and new national/international Metal and, of course, from your favourite band. At the same time, you can rate the video you just watched and help your preferred videos get closer to the top in the ‘Top Videos’ section.

One of the great strengths of this add-on is also the way it is organized. The choice by style not only demonstrates to those less familiar with this genre its size and diversity, but also helps the hardcore to find what they want straight away. \m/

Calm Radio

Calm Radio is an indispensable add-on for music lovers. With over 185 channels available, it will be difficult for anyone not to find the right style for any mood.

  • Do you need to relax and take a moment to meditate? Choose the sounds of Nature channels.
  • Do you want to play ambient music while cooking? Why don’t you try out the various channels from out of the Earth sounds? It's something different and it can help you create new dishes.
  • Can’t relax before falling asleep, or need to concentrate on studying? You also have a channel that can help you do all of that ...
  • When in doubt, you can always count on one of the largest collections of classical music online ...

What are you waiting for to download and install it on your set-top box?

Radio Dancefloor 90s

Do you remember the 1990s? Are you curious about this decade? You love dance music, but you don’t know 1990s’ dance music?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you can be sure that this non-profit project shows you that the 1990s were very rich in dance music.

Radio Dancefloor 90s is an indispensable add-on created by a group of DJs and radio speakers with more than 20 years of experience, whose mission is to give their audience a unique product devoted to the Dance of the 1990s. Have you installed it yet?

Apple iTunes Podcast Browser

Before continuing, we’d like to inform you that you do not need to install anything from Apple.

Yes, it's true, you can be on your set-top box, install this add-on to your Kodi and have access to thousands of free podcasts from iTunes. Whether it's in audio or in video, you can listen to them and watch them on your television.

In addition, you can also organize them in a folder called 'My Podcasts', something that you will be grateful for, due to the sheer number of podcasts you have access to from the 60 genres in which they are organized. You can also search for your favourite podcast by name only, if you want to...

John Locker Documentary Videos

The site was founded in 2007 and was created with one goal: spreading and promoting knowledge using documentary videos.

This add-on keeps the spirit of the creators and allows you to access hundreds of documentaries chosen and shared by the various users registered on the site (even music!). If you want, you can also participate in this mission for knowledge, simply by submitting your proposal to the site.

Do you need to know what a cassette is, how Linux came about, or what is the truth about lions? In this add-on you will be able to find out the answers to these questions and many others that you were not expecting. A must for anyone looking for knowledge!