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What Is Lakka and How Does It Work?

What Is Lakka and How Does It Work?

Have you ever imagined playing Super Mario Kart (SNES), Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis, Master System, Game Gear) or the classic The Secret of Monkey Island (Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari ST and Macintosh) with better definition than the original and without changing console?

This is exactly what Lakka.TV is offering! Lakka is an open-source operating system based on Libretro and RetroArch, which allows you to play old games on various platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOS), including Linux-based set-top boxes.

NOTE: Lakka does not provide games. Each person should have a legal copy in their possession and record them on micro SD cards.

Is it worth installing Lakka.TV?

Lakka is the ideal operating system for the inveterate retrogamer and their dynasty, or for those who no longer play because the console is somewhere in the attic.

As it’s built from RetroArch emulator, Lakka can emulate a wide variety of platforms and still have some very interesting features, such as rewinding, multiplayer, graphic filters and the ability to recognize controllers / gamepads.

Of the 51 emulated systems, the Atari, Nintendo, Sega and Sony classics stand out. Of course, for the fans of the NHK, Sinclair and DOS systems, there are also options. As you can see, nothing has been left to chance in this operating system purpose-built for video game fans.

Lakka software is also designed to run on any hardware, even on slower PCs. The creators of this system have optimized it to run fast, even on low-performing computers, to try to reach as many video game lovers as possible.

The user-friendly interface makes setup easy to perform. After installation, just copy the ROMs to the PC where you installed Lakka.TV, connect your gamepad and enjoy old-school games.

Lakka is also a community-driven project. A huge international community of coders, designers and gamers are working together to make this system one of the best at emulation level.

Everyone plays, everyone wins.

The commitment of the community, added to the creators of Lakka, has transformed this operating system into something remarkable for the living-room experience. With the same gamepad and the same set-top box, you can access the games that took up so much of your time in childhood.

You can turn your television into a family entertainment space where childhood stories blend into the games you are trying out. You can tell your kids how you never ended the Chuckie Egg, or how you had fun throwing bananas at your opponents' cars, in the hope of overtaking them in the madness of the Mario Kart.

You can also invite your friends and try to get "revenge" on your friend who has won so many times in Kick Off 2.

As you can see, Lakka is not just a gaming emulator. It is also a journey into the past, where you can recall the empires you created in the original Civilization, or how you faced the whole red menace in Command and Conquer.

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