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Coming Soon: November

Coming Soon: November

November isn’t only known as #NoShaveNovember, but also as the month of Marvel (just joking!). Why do we say that? Because two streaming services will debut original series based on Marvel works: Netflix will debut The Punisher and Hulu the Runaways series.

However, the television panorama isn’t all Marvel. To prove this, here are the remaining suggestions for series and films that we are including in this short list.

But before you read it all, there is a series we must mention first: Alias Grace. A new series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel with the same name.

Read, watch the trailer and decide what your next television addiction will be.

Marvel’s The Punisher

Where can I see it? Netflix

When can I see it? November 17, 2017

The Punisher is a series based on the Marvel Comics of the same name. These works portray the life of Frank Castle, a man who takes revenge for the death of his family and who in the middle of it all realizes that around him there is a whole conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government.

The series, which will debut on November 17 on Netflix, is considered a spin-off of the Daredevil series, where this character first appeared. This is another series that fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and creates a continuity with other films and television series.

Alias Grace

Where can I see it? Netflix

When can I see it? November 3, 2017

Alias Grace is a mini-series based on Margaret Atwood's 1996 novel of the same name. The series will have only six episodes and began in November on Netflix. This is the third adaptation for television of a work by the Canadian writer (The Handmaid's Tale and Wandering Wenda).

Based on real facts, the series will tell the story of Grace Marks, a maid and immigrant from Ireland who is arrested for the murder of her employer and housekeeper. At the trial, Grace claims she doesn’t remember anything, but the evidence is irrefutable. A decade later, a doctor appears who tries to investigate the case, especially Grace’s amnesia.

The Big Sick

Where can I see it? Amazon Prime Video

When can I see it? November 24, 2017

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy film produced by Amazon Studios, based on the life of the lead actor Kumail Nanjiani, who also wrote the script, and his wife Emily V. Gordon, also co-writer of the screenplay.

The story tells the beginning of the relationship between a Pakistani immigrant and an American woman. Despite the obvious cultural differences, both begin to date against their parents' wishes. However, Gordon (Zoe Kazan) gets seriously ill and Nanjiani finds himself in the situation of having to face and meet her parents.

The film was very well received by critics and will now be available via Amazon Prime Video.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Where can I see it? Amazon Prime Video

When can I see it? November 29, 2017

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, stared by Rachel Brosnahan, is a Jewish housewife who is living in New York, in 1958, with her husband Joel, a successful businessman who works nights as a comedian. Despite Maisel's support, Joel betrays his wife and leaves the house, an event that unleashes lots of action in this original Amazon series.

To be premiered on November 29, the series promises to show the darkest corners of showbiz, mainly of the comedy world, in New York of the late 1950s. The pilot in March had very positive reviews, which shows that comedy from a female perspective can produce a series not to be missed.

Marvel’s Runaways

Where can I see it? Hulu

When can I see it? November 21, 2017

Runaways is an original Hulu series based on the Marvel Comics of the same name and forms part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although promised nine years ago and after spending some time in the drawer, the long-awaited series is finally here, and it comes on strong with a promise to shake the Marvel world.

This series of 10 episodes tells the story of six teenagers (Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, Chase Stein and Molly Hernandez) with distinct backgrounds, who unite against their parents who belong to a super-villain organization, The Pride.

Future Man

Where can I see it? Hulu

When can I see it? November 14, 2017

Future Man is a comedy television series of 13 episodes that will debut on November 14. This is the first adventure with actor Seth Rogen (The Interview) in the role of series executive producer and promises to fill your living-room with laughter.

The original Hulu series tells the story of a janitor, who is a hardcore gamer in his spare time, and the way he is recruited by time-travellers to help them prevent the extinction of mankind.

Get Out

Where can I see it? HBO

When can I see it? November 4, 2017

Get Out was the big surprise this year, when it comes to the horror film genre. Written, co-produced and directed by actor-comedian Jordan Peele, this film was a real hit with the critics because of its clever and shameless approach to latent racism in the United States.

The plot tells us how the visit of a young black man to his girlfriend's white parents' home may get complicated to the point of unmasking a conspiracy, when a group of white people steal the lives of young blacks.