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12 Most Incredible Kodi Skins of 2017

12 Most Incredible Kodi Skins of 2017

Customize your Kodi with these stunning skins. We have chosen a variety that we consider to be the best for your experience. Install, experiment and customize how you watch and use your television.


With soft gradients, pixel highlights and fanart available, this skin stands out mainly for two reasons:

  • showcase fanart,
  • the menu is easily accessible through the television control: just press "up".

Arctic: Zephyr

Skins must be useful and easy to use. Artic: Zephyr fulfils these criteria by using a design that is clean, minimal, elegant, simple and light.


BOX optimises design coherence at the same time as diversity. The concept is to use the same layout, built in blocks, to present the different types of information differently, but embedded in the same design.

Eminence 2.0

Eminence 2.0 says it's clean, clear, simple and modern... and this skin fulfils what it says. Nothing like a skin that lives up to its word.


The whole development of this skin is based on quality. The creators have devoted themselves intensely to the details to give a clear, bold and functional appearance in an elegant way.


This skin’s strong points are its customization potential and its vertical design, in order to present the maximum possible content.


Metropolis presents a design somewhere between Retro and Modern, in order to show as much information as possible, in a simple and customizable way.


Mimic is a blend of the best features of various skins such as Aeon Nox, reFocus and Artic Zephyr.


With two options, light or dark, this skin is simple and designed to support Full HD TV screens.


Xperience1080 is a skin with a focus on graphic quality, smooth animations and with well-integrated functions and add-ons. All wrapped up in a clean, modern and elegant design.


Unity is a skin adapted from the Confluence skin and based on the design language Material Design.


Clean and simple, Pellucid is a skin that optimises the user experience. Thanks to the Shortcuts add-on this skin is fully customizable.

You can get all these skins and much more here.