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5 Kodi Add-ons You Can't Miss This Month

5 Kodi Add-ons You Can't Miss This Month

Add-ons. More than just a simple enhancement, they are a totally new experience for the user. Power on your set-top box with shows about journeys and adventures. Discover more about the world that surrounds you. Appreciate the knowledge of sci-fi experts. While you cook some new recipe that you found on your TV, and let your TV show you the best landscapes from Google Earth.

Find out more about our choices:

Travel Channel

Who doesn’t like to travel? To get to know new places? To know the best places to eat, have fun and take adventures?

Well, if you really don’t like any of these things… You should consider read the other suggestions. If you are really into this… Install the Travel Channel app on your set-top box and watch all your favourite shows, like Expedition Unknown, Bizarre Foods, Ghost Adventures, Mysteries at the Museum and more.

All this in streaming and on demand. What are you waiting for?

Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian Institution is known for its research and rich traditions. Showtime Networks is known for its storytelling prowess. Both have come together to give you a new TV experience, so that you can watch awe-inspiring stories, powerful documentaries and amazing entertainment.

Watch full episodes and explore the Channel’s vast video library, with this Kodi Add-on, and watch the best of its popular genres such as: air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture.

TrekYards – Youtube

Are you a fan of Star Trek, or Star Wars, or any other sci-fi franchise? If so, this channel is definitely for you. The TrekYards are a bunch of Star Trek Universe experts who not only analyse the space craft and tech, but also give us an insider’s perspective on this amazing universe.

TrekYards also interviews the main people behind this ageless franchise, which was first aired in 1966. Other shows include product reviews, unboxings, Captains Log's (a behind-the-scenes look at Trekyards), Fleetyards (sci-fi ships from all franchises) model building videos and other goodies.

The Meal DB

Don’t you know what’s for dinner? Have you got a lot of leftovers which you don’t know what to do with? The Meal DB can be a good add-on to have around. With it you can browse dozens of recipes and you can also use the pictures as a random display screensaver.

Don’t waste time again wondering what will be dinner. Just browse and make good use of this project, which was created out of the Kodi forums in 2016.

Earth View

Earth View is a collection of the most striking landscapes found on Google Earth. Images picked to make the best use of Kodi as a screensaver. Make your living room a cosier place with this collection, and at the same time you can explore the best of our world. Enjoy it!