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Coming Soon: December

Coming Soon: December

It's Christmas time! All the family gathers for gift exchange and to tell old stories. To celebrate the ties which hold them together. To remember the ones who have passed away.

Christmas is a season of mixed feelings. Happiness and sadness are tied together. Fortunately, in some cases, there is a TV set connected to a set-top box somewhere. A haven for excited children, for bored adults and for the loneliest.

Find out about our suggestions and write them in your agenda!

Storybots Christmas

Where can I see it? Netflix

When can I see it? December 1, 2017

Christmas is losing its core values. Nowadays, Christmas is all about obsession. Christmas gifts are at the top of many lists:

  • "We should buy one more thing for aunt Clarissa!"
  • "Why are you standing there? Don't you have to find one more toy for our Timmy?"
  • "What will we do if Laurie doesn't like her gift?"

All this pressure rises constantly from Thanksgiving until December 24th, and children are caught in the middle. But don't worry, this Christmas you can count on Bo, from StoryBots, to teach your kids that Christmas isn't all about gifts... It’s about something more profound. And, while you are at it, you could take some notes and learn something too.


Where can I see it? Netflix

When can I see it? December 22, 2017

LAPD is dealing with something greater than they expected. Managing a city with some issues of violence between Orcs, Humans, Elves and Fairies is nothing compared to what is coming... A new battle for power, thanks to an old relic that everyone thought  was destroyed.

The problem is... this old artefact was found in the hands of a young elf and now two LAPD officers must protect it. A daunting task for the first human and orc team. Besides their own problems they must face a city doing battle for the wand they must protect at all cost.

Shut Eye: Complete Season 1

Where can I see it? Hulu

When can I see it? December 7, 2017

Shuteye is an eye opener (pun intended). It shows how deep corruption goes in the psychic world. Fortune-telling parlours are filled with con men and women who pretend to be psychic, and fortune-tellers making a lot of money for two great families.

You must see how Charlie Haverford (Jeffrey Donovan), a failed magician, will break his connection to this world, urged on by his wife and by a new way of seeing things. It's important that you realise how a blow to the head can awaken something in you... Watch this series and learn!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Where can I see it? Hulu

When can I see it? December 24, 2017

Being a woman in Afghanistan at the start of the 21st century wasn't easy. The Taliban rules were still lingering, and the US and its NATO allies were the invaders. It's in this scenario that Kim Baker lands.

A writer at a TV news network in New York, Kim gets to Kabul and learns how life and her work matters in this rebuilding country. A fish out of water, at first, she learns how being a woman reporter in a male chauvinist society can make the difference.

Doctor Who Christmas special

Where can I see it? Amazon Prime Video

When can I see it? December 18, 2017

Hope is necessary. Humanity needs it like water. That's why Doctor Who Christmas Special is a tale crafted to be uplifting. In this special episode of 60 minutes the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will face his past and must decide his future...

A future that he wants to refuse. Stranded in an Arctic snowscape with The First Doctor (David Bradley), he refuses to face regeneration and to become the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker).


Where can I see it? Amazon Prime Video

When can I see it? December 21, 2017

There are many examples where fashion and movies collide. Woodshock is a good example of that. Written and directed by the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, fashion designers known for their brand Rodarte, this drama film tells a disturbing story about drug addiction.

Theresa assisted her mother in a suicide and that disturbed her in a deep way. To try to cope with her loss, she starts taking a reality-altering drug, which is the leitmotiv of the whole movie and serves as an excuse for all the visual style and atmosphere created by the Mulleavy sisters.


Where can I see it? HBO

When can I see it? December 9, 2017

The future isn't bright for the mutant population. The X-Men are over for a while. Each member took a different road. Logan, aka Wolverine, became alcoholic, a chauffeur, and he's dealing with the slow loss of his power to self-heal.

While all this is happening, Logan takes care of the ailing Professor X, who secretly awaits the visit of a girl with some mutant powers like one of the X-Men (spoiler alert: Wolverine). At the same time, she is being pursued by some strange people from a secret corporation. Basically, all the loose points of the plot come together in just one narrative: Logan fights everyone to save the girl.


Where can I see it? HBO

When can I see it? December 18, 2017

The story of the United Kingdom isn't a very peaceful one. One of the most important examples is the Gunpowder Plot, where a bunch of English Catholics came together to plan to blow up the House of Lords and murder King James I, in the early 17th century.

One of the main conspirators was Robert Catesby and he is the main character of the BBC One series starring Kit Harrington (curiously, a descendant of this historical character, as well of the King James I), mostly known for his role as John Snow, in Game Of Thrones.

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