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Kodi: 5 add-ons you should install

Kodi: 5 add-ons you should install

Play all your videos. Watch your favourite games. Navigate with ease around your archive. Rate and talk about movies. Experience all the PlayStation Vue features.

These are our suggestions for you to install on your set-top box via KODI. What are you waiting for? Read about them, try them out and give us your feedback.


A skin is a skin. A great way to optimize your user experience. Why should you be stuck to a skin you can’t relate to? If you are keen on Apple design, why shouldn’t you try SiO2? This skin maintains Apple’s policy of “everything at hand”, and gives you everything you want in a few clicks.

BT Sport Video

See the best of sports videos and every match in the UEFA Champions League, Premier League’s exclusive games, and the Ashes competition. This add-on provides access to these kinds of videos and other ones from the BT Sport website. You just have to choose the ones you want.

Google Drive for KODI

Have you all your videos, music and pictures stored in a Google Drive account? Why don’t you install this add-on and you can play all of them on your set-top box? However, this program is not affiliated with or sponsored by Google, the Google Drive for KODI works very well and offers you:

  • access to an unlimited number of accounts;
  • search over your Drive;
  • auto-refreshed slideshow;
  • export your videos to your library (.strm files);
  • use Google Drive as a source.

FilmAffinity Movie Scraper

Extend your movie and TV series experience with this add-on. Rate any of them, create customized lists, keep a personal film logbook and find movie recommendations based on your affinity with other users, what the creators of FilmAffinity call Movie Soulmates.

PS Vue

Have all the features of the PS Vue TV service without contracts, conflicts or any problems. Install it and you’ll have access to streams of live TV, movies, and sports without a cable or satellite subscription. This add-on also allows you to save thousands of hours of your favourite shows without recording conflicts, and Premium channels that can be purchased individually or with a multi-channel plan.