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OpenELEC 5.0.8 for WeTek Play

OpenELEC 5.0.8 for WeTek Play

New in this release:

- Updated XVDR addon
- Other bug fixes and enhancements

To install OpenELEC to WeTek Play you don't need to overwrite your Android installation. Just write OpenELEC to an SD-card, and enjoy both of the worlds at the same time with dual boot.



SD-card image for new installations:

OpenELEC 5.0.8 .img file for fresh installation on microSD card

To install, unzip the provided archive and use a tool, such as Win32DiskImager ( to create a bootable SD-card. Turn off your WeTek Play, insert the SD-card, turn on the box again and enjoy OpenELEC. If you want to boot Android, just turn off the box, eject SD-card, turn on the box again, and you'll see Android booting.


Or you can use WeTek OpenELEC Installer app, which will download latest OpenELEC release and burn it to MicroSD:

WeTek OpenELEC Installer application


For updating the existing SD-card installations (Do not use this for updating NAND installations!!!):

OpenELEC 5.0.8 .tar file for updating existing installation on microSD Card


You can read about how to update an existing OpenELEC installation at

Now you can also install OpenELEC instead of Android into NAND memory.


Image for for new installations into NAND memory: 

OpenELEC 5.0.8 .zip file for installation to NAND Flash

Just unpack the provided ZIP archive onto SD-card, insert it into the box, and enter recovery using toothpick. Installation should start automatically.


For updating the existing NAND installations (Do not use this for updating SD-card installations!!!): 

OpenELEC 5.0.8 .tar file for update of existing installation in NAND Flash



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