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WeTek Android Development build

WeTek Android Development build

WeTek Android Development build - Update - 17.04.2015

Even if it is development build release, we would like to share some news and improvements that we have done in past period on WeTek OS for WeTek Play, where major work was done on WeTek Theater application.

What is new:

  1. Redesigned WeTek Theater (DVB Player);
  2. Fixed support for DISEqC 1.2 and USALS;
  3. Added support for multi-bouquets inside of WeTek Theater;
  4. Added support for Picons for DVB-S/C/T/T2 (Picons location in /mnt/shell/emulated/0/picons );
  5. Fixed all known bug's in WeTek Theater;
  6. Another fixes inside Android 4.2.2;
  7. Easy Channel list access aka Neutrino style with < > buttons on RCU;
  8. Audio and subtitle menu when watching Live TV is located on * key on RCU;
  9. Added channel list compatibility for DreamSet Editor;
  10. Improved WeTek Theater Infobar with information about Video, Audio, Resolution, Aspect Ratio and Subtitles info;
  11. Many improvements non stated in this release log as it is Development build.

Download WeTek Development Build

Download DreamSet 2.4.4 Beta 4

How to install WeTek Development build on WeTek Play?

  1. Download WeTek Android - Update - file;
  2. Extract archive, and inside you will find 3 files;
  3. Copy 3 files to microSD card;
  4. Turn off WeTek Play and insert microSD in microSD reader;
  5. Use WeTek Play Pin tool to press UPGRADE button which is located on bottom of device;
  6. While You keep pressed UPGRADE button insert Power cable in WeTek Play;
  7. Keep UPGRADE button pressed for 7 seconds and release it;
  8. Installation of new Development build will start.

In case you have any dificulties please take a look at our video tutorial:

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