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Official OpenPLi support for WeTek Play

Official OpenPLi support for WeTek Play

Dear WeTek users,

First time when WeTek Play was launched on market, we never thinked that it will become so popular and that open-source community will be so much interested to make development of different eco systems arround it. Now, one year after launch of WeTek Play, it is capable to run Android, OpenELEC, Linux (Ubuntu and Elementary OS), Lakka and Enigma 2.

Now, we are happy to announce that from today OpenPLi Foundation started with official support of WeTek Play. This practicaly means that from today You can install official OpenPLi Enigma 2 Image on your WeTek Play. 

OpenPLi is community project focused on software development for open source linux DVB receivers using the linux operating system.

Official OpenPLi Enigma 2 image for WeTek Play, You can download directly from OpenPLi website or by visiting this URL: