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WeTek Showcase: DIY behind-the-tv mount

WeTek Showcase: DIY behind-the-tv mount

Welcome to the second blog post for the WeTek Showcase, where we show off interesting uses of WeTek hardware, how-to guides, and anything else that might seem interesting.

Today we are going to be making a universal OTT box mount for the back of a TV. In this example I use a small bedroom TV, but with some modification this could be used on larger sized screens as well. Many OTT boxes will actually come with a first or third party mount for placing it behind a TV, or some people like to use doublesided mounting tape to temporarily mount things. I've been playing with several different ways of mounting things, but the following method using hook and loop (more commonly known as "velcro") has become my favorite. It works with just about anything, it's easy and fast to install and remove boxes from, and looks fairly nice.

How to make a universal behind-the-tv mount for your WeTek.

This tutorial applies to all WeTek OTT/set-top-boxes.

First, let's look at the supplies we'll need.

  1. A roll of hook-and-loop/velcro. You can find this at many hardware or hobby stores.
  2. Screws for the back of the TV. You might need to consult your TV's manual to see which size screws are needed for your mounting holes, but many small TVs use M4 x .7 screws. I've found that ones about 10mm or 12mm long are the perfect size.
  3. Optionally, we need a pair of eyelet pliers. These make metal holes/grommets/eyelets around the holes we'll place the screws through, which help prevent the velcro from splitting. eyelet pliers can be found at most hardware stores, as well as many craft, hobby, and sewing supply stores.

Now let's put all of the parts together.

First, we need to measure out and cut two strips of velcro. We can do this by wrapping the strips around the box we want to mount, making sure there is plenty of overlap to secure the box.

Here's the back of our small bedroom TV. We'll be placing the velcro straps diagonally to keep the box secure.

Using a sharp punch or a small screw driver, make holes for the top left and bottom right holes. These don't have to be exact, but try to get as close as you can.

Do this for both straps. You might need to use a slightly larger screw driver to make the hole big enough for the eyelet. I should mention that the eyelets that come with most inexpensive eyelet pliers are the perfect size for the .7mm screws, but you might want to make sure if you are buying both from the hardware store.

Here's how the eyelet looks before crimping.

Place the eyelet pliers around the eyelet and sqeeze the handle all the way. It might take a firm grip to completely crimp the eyelet.

After all four holes are done, here's how it should look.

Now to place the straps on the back of the TV. We don't need to tighten the screws too hard, since this is only holding the weight of the WeTek box. Notice that I placed the "hoop" side of the velcro facing out, to give some extra protection from scratching the box.

Here's how it looks with the WeTek Play/OpenELEC. One of the straps is a little long, but that's no problem. We can just cut it shorter with a pair of scissors.

Here it is with the WeTek Core. Because of the location of the HDMI port, I had to off-set the Core. No worries, it's still fully secure and won't slip out.

We can also feed cords through the velcro to help organize them. This should keep your box safe, secure, and uncluttered, and will work with any future hardware you might get.

Questions? Comments? Have a request for a future Showcase post? Feel free to tweet @WeTekNed or post on our WeTek support forum.

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