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EURO Challenge 2016

EURO Challenge 2016

We are running the "EURO Challenge 2016", a Facebook Contest in our page, where you will have a chance to WIN a WeTek Core. You just have to make good guesses. Feel like channeling Paul the Octopus’ oracle powers?

How it will work?

For each match, a post will be created 6 hours before the match kick off, which the contestants will have to comment (until kick off) and guess which team will win, or if it’s going end as a draw. On knock-out phase it will be considered the winner the team who passes to the next phase, regardless the score after the regular time, which means there will not be ties after group stage matches. Correct guesses will be awarded 3 points and failed guesses, or uncommented posts, will not be awarded any points. Example: Consider a post for France vs Romania. If you think France will win the match, you should comment “France”. If you think the match will end as a tie, you should comment “Draw” or “Tie”. For each correct guess you’ll get 3 points that will be added to your overall score. After the championship is ended on July 11th, the final score will be reviewed and the winner announced.


What are the requirements?

  • Contestants need to Like WeTek’s page on Facebook in order to be eligible to win the prize. Participants who don’t Like Wetek’s page on Facebook will not be taken in consideration for the final prize.

  • Your guess should be placed until the match kickoff and it can not be edited after that moment. Comments edited after the match kickoff will not be considered.

What is the prize?

The participant with most points will be the winner of one WeTek Core. In case of a tie, the winner will be randomly chosen between those participants. The winner and the final scoreboard will be unveiled on July 11th. In case of a draw, the winner will be randomly selected between the contestants with the highest score using

Ladies and gentlemen…Take your shot!