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WeTek Technology Throwback - Nokia 3310

WeTek Technology Throwback - Nokia 3310

Technology is more than our business around here. It’s our a passion and it whas been like that since we can remember. This passion we all share ultimately led us to create resourceful set-top boxes and innovative software. It doesn’t even really matter which department you work for - developers, accountants, marketeers, testers - we all have pieces of technology that we fell in love with early on in our lives.

Welcome the WeTek Technology Throwback, where we’ll show you obsolete pieces of technology that were part of someone’s upbringing process around the office.

The first object in our new series is a beloved one. It’s an object that most of us eventually had in our hands. The myth says it is indestructible. We’re talking about the Nokia 3310.

Here’s something to make us all feel old - it was released in the year 2000 (DON'T OPEN THE LINK. IT'S AN EARWORM!). Meaning, 16 year ago. Wow... It sold a whopping 126 million units worldwide, so, no wonder everyone had one. By the way, do you know what else happened in the year 2000? Not the Y2K.

Back then, the following features were actually used as selling points:

  • Screensavers 
  • Welcome message 
  • 6 Ringing tone levels 
  • 10 Volume levels 
  • Calculator 
  • Currency converter 


Besides being one of the sturdiest, most intuitive and reliable mobile phones ever, the 3310 had a features which injects even more nostalgia in our hearts than receiving a text from the high school crush. “What about Snake 2 on 3310?”, said Miralem, our colleague who suggested Nokia 3310 as our first throwback. 

Snake 2 was, in fact, magical. It was easy, addictive and, since everyone had one of these phones, it could get very competitive. You could easily compare your score with your friends and that process would let feeling either awesome or like beating a new score. For the younger audiences, who didn’t grow up amidst the 3310 hype, let’s just say that Snake 2 it’s like Angry Birds, but way before Angry Birds.

One question remains, though: Can a Nokia 3310 Survive a 1,500-foot drop from the sky?

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