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Hooray! Weekend suggestions!

Hooray! Weekend suggestions!

INCOOOOOOOMING!” - that’s how wake-up alarms should sound like on Fridays.

If you’re looking for ideas and cool suggestions for your weekend, look no more: here’s what folks around the office will be doing

This week, and because the sun is shining around here, people are more into outdoor activities. Like Aldina and Zlatan, as they'll have quality family time and certainly head to the city park to enjoy the sun while it's still proving some heat. Pablo and Rita, are taking their outdoor activities very seriously: they will be trekking (or is it hiking?) in the mountains and sleeping in a schist house. Nature aplenty for this two! Ana, is also heading to the mountains for some relaxing times with friends, but only after she’s done shopping with her daughters! Good luck with that, Ana!

This is what schist houses look like.

This week’s king of the outdoor activities is André. Simply put, you cannot beat harvesting grapes to produce your own wine. Did you know that the annual grape harvest is really hard work? You need to climb up and down the hills, carry super heavy buckets filled with grapes, handle dangerous cutting tools and all this beneath unforgiving sun. That’s why he’s only overseeing the process. How fancy!

Here's what André will NOT be doing: heavy lifting.

Do you remember Ruben, who spent last weekend practicing diaper changing? Well, he’s not slowing down this week! There’s 4 birthdays in his agenda for the next two days. That’s livin’ on the edge.

On the other hand, Pedro, will struggle to leave the couch for the next two days. Not that he’s injured or anything, it’s just because X-COM 2. As for Carlos, he’ll be watching FRIENDS for, like, the sixth time on his WeTek Hub. If he has the time, we’ll also be playing Pro Cycling Manager (yeap, that’s a thing). As for Joao, he'll be gromming his moustache back to full glory and endulging he's FIFA Ultimate Team addiction.

Perfect showcase of Carlo's skills on mayhem creation.

We can always count on Eduardo, our cool designer, for cool european movies suggestions. He’s going to the cinema to watch Julieta, the new Almodóvar movie. Victoria, who’s also going to the movies, is pointing in a slightly different direction. She’ll go with Train to Busan which, as she describes, “it’s a movie about when zombies decide to get some seaside holidays”.

Here's a quick round up of suggestions.



Hiking in the mountains Play X-COM2
Sleeping in a schist house Play Pro Cycling Manager
Enjoy the sun in the park Watch Almodóvar's Julieta
Oversee a grape harvest Watch zombies on a Train to Busan
Shopping with your children Play FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
Break the birthday parties attendance record Watch FRIENDS (again)
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