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WeTek Technology Throwback - ZX Spectrum and Atari 2600

WeTek Technology Throwback - ZX Spectrum and Atari 2600


This week’s throwback comes powered by our own support overlord: Ruben and his nostalgia. Hang tight ‘cuz we have not one, but two blasts from the past - behold the wonders of ZX Spectrum and Atari 2600.

Let’s show some respect for the elder and start with ZX Spectrum. Nowadays, devices such as the ZX Spectrum are more a thing of museums and geek nostalgia than anything, but back in the day, it was the motor of many joyful hours for little Ruben.

Even though was released in 82 and it got in the house in the early 80’s, Ruben only got his ZX Spectrum in 1992, after his older brother grew tired of it. Remember, this happened when hairstyles such as this were considered perfectly normal and people thought Milli Vanilli were actually singing.


The ZX Spectrum had an awesome life as a gaming device for his brother during most of the 80’s and, during quite some time little Ruben used it to play titles such as Chuckie Egg, Tetris and R-Type, but further down the line he came up with different plans, so turned it into a glorified typewriter… “I remember would write some random mambo jambo and just be happy with it”. What conclusions can be drawn from here? Maybe that Ruben was a very easy to entertain child.

As for the Atari 2600, that’s a different story. It was his first introduction to video-gaming and he hasn’t stop until now. In his words, “My brothers are much older than I am, so I remember spending countless hours playing and bonding with them through videogames. Those are extremely happy memories.

Aaaaaaw, Ruben, that’s cute. According to him those games would often consist in Space Invaders, Chuckie Egg, tetris e R-Type (you could write a book between loadings).

Even though ZX Spectrum regarded more like a computer with many features other than gaming and Atari 2600 an exclusively gaming device, both systems will forever be remembered, not for the work they produced, but by the countless hours of fun they provided Ruben with.

Unfortunately, Ruben, sold both systems when he was 16. He hasn't disclosed why. but we're guessing it has to do with taking girls to the movies.

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