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Marvel releases playlist inspired by Luke Cage's soundtrack.

Marvel releases playlist inspired by Luke Cage's soundtrack.

There’s just no way around it. Everyone talks about it, everyone is watching it and, by the way it sounds, everyone is listening to it. Luke Cage is one of the best shows around and besides the terrific quality of what comes out of the TV screen, what comes out of the speakers is also tremendously good.

Adrian Younge, who you should know for its excellent soundtrack for Black Dynamite, and A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad have taken the reins of Luke Cage’s soundtrack and the final result is nothing but staggering: a faithful representation of Harlem’s vibe, mostly via classic hip-hop and soul that can take you back to the Blaxploitation era, paired with newer sounds that will leave you yearning for some more of that sweet boom bap beats.

Even though the official soundtrack is yet to be released, according to, Marvel’s Luke Cage Original Soundtrack Album will be available on vynil and at digital retailers and streaming services on October 7, Marvel has offered real public service and put together a mighty fine Spotify playlist inspired by the show. 

You might think that folks around WeTek are all tech geeks drawn to movies and tv shows, but if you do, then you're dead wrong. We're actually tech geeks drawn to movies, tv shows AND music. In fact, premium sound quality is one of the features in our products that we pay close attention to and that's why we have Dolby, DTS, AAC licenses in force.

We have couple of WeTek Play 2 connect to TV's and sound systems around the office, which are usually playing some sweet ambient music (if I'm lucky) and you do just the same. Use your WeTek device as a music player and blast this playlist out of your speakers.


Chill, we got you. Just download Spotify directly on your WeTek device, create a Spotify account or loggin to an existing one and search for the "Marvel's Luke Cage". This playlist will show up, thus allowing you to blast it top volume from your TV or AV amplifier via either HDMI (best option if you have a WeTek Hub) or optical out connections (available on WeTek Core and WeTek Play and Play 2).

Now for the hard part... There are 36 songs on this Luke Cage inspired playlist. Can you pick a favourite?