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WeTek Technology Throwback - PES 2 (Winning Eleven 6)

WeTek Technology Throwback - PES 2 (Winning Eleven 6)

The new football season has just started for most of the European leagues and with it comes one of the greatest battles of our time. A true duel of giants: FIFA vs PES (or Winning Eleven, or the video game formerly known as ISS Pro). Both franchises have their pros, cons, gimmicks, as well as years of dominance and backtracking between them, which always generates expectation regarding “which one is the best this year”. I can’t tell you that’s definitely not consensual.

Battles aside, there’s no denying that if you played video games between the mid 90’s and today, you have most likely experienced both franchises and, at some point, prefered one above the other. That’s just how it goes.

Fifa has been dominating the last few years with its official licensing and an ultra addictive online mode called “Fifa Ultimate Team”, leaving PES, which many say, still has the best gameplay, trailing. Actually, PES 17 sales number are dwarfed by Fifa 17: “Fifa 17 sold 40 times more than PES 2017 in its first week on sale in the UK” according to

But this is a throwback though, so… Let’s go back to a time when things were different. Back in 2004, when our Brazilian programmer Marcus first got his Winning Eleven 6 copy for PlayStation (meaning PES 2), Konami’s installment was the undisputed king of football simulation.

“I remember I would just spend hours practicing free kicks and tactics when my friends were not around, but we would usually gather in someone’s house and play throughout the weekend!” This was one of the best features in PES, local multiplayer. Its pace made the multiplayer mode very satisfying joining kids from all around the neighborhood. Marcus says “I wasn’t the best, but I would still win one-afternoon-championships sometimes”... Yeah, right.

From the early days (and it doesn’t matter what version you played), until today, PES has (almost) always been known for its fantastic and intuitive gameplay. As Marcus remembers: ”In that time, graphics were not as polished has today, but it was really easy to play. As the graphics and the animations improved, my dribbling quality became poorer.”

The last paragraph actually translates PES’s trajectory throughout the years. As the graphics quality improved, FIFA, got a lot better at mimicking the vibe of the game with its flashy exclusive licenses, making made the game ever more immersive. As soon as PES stumbled and made some mistakes gameplay-wise, FIFA took the lead adding incredibly addictive new online game modes. Even Marcus acknowledges that. “Nowadays, I play mostly FIFA on my laptop, however, I still play PES on an emulator now and then.”