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WeTek weekend suggestions

WeTek weekend suggestions

Another week comes to an end. Another weekend starts. Sounds dull? Well, it shouldn’t! It’s awesome!

Let’s see if the people around WeTek have different suggestions compared to last week, or if everyone is still watching Luke Cage and diggin’ its soundtrack. Any bets?

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new player in town, make way for Westworld - a series about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings. The new HBO show has been turning heads and receiving amazing reviews for its first 2 episodes. No wonder Eduardo, our designer, is taking some time to catch up with the first couple episodes. Ned, is taking it a notch further though: he’s actually going to watch the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton that inspired the show. Now that’s commitment!

Aldina is a fan of Tom Hanks since Big, the 1988 movie, and she just remembered she hasn’t seen Sully yet. Since the movie has already opened a few weeks ago and it isn’t yet available on streaming services like Netflix she uses with her WeTek Play 2, all we can say is “Good luck with that, Aldina!”

By the way, check out 1988 Tom Hanks against 2016 Tom Hanks. Looks like he’s losing some colour saturation.

Here’s something big: this weekend is Victoria’s birthday! Happy birthday :) When asked about what she would be doing, she mysteriously replied she was going for a hike and maybe visiting the Hong Kong Convention Tattoos…

Here’s our guess:

As always, there will be people playing video games, because nerds will always nerd and we're happy that way. Pedro is going to invest some more hours into finishing X-COM 2 and Ruben will play some more Gears Of War 4, but he won't finish it, coz he wants the fun to laaaaaaaaaaast.

Remember Carlos, who was furiously binge-watching FRIENDS? Guess what? Those days are over! He’s now shifting his sights to something that we never talked about before - Luke Cage! Finally, new action for his WeTek Hub.