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WeTek Technology Throwback - The VHS era

WeTek Technology Throwback - The VHS era


And it went on forever. 

Well, at least until you broke the VHS cassette or played it so much that the tape would get damaged beyond the point of watchable.

If you were born until, say early 90’s, it’s likely that the VCR was one of the pieces of technology you used the most. Remember that back then, when VHS ruled the world, you couldn’t just watch a movie in your computer. Oh no! If wanted to watch a movie you’d have to do it on the TV using the VCR.


Let’s start from the beginning. The VHS (short for Video Home System) technology was developed by JVC in Japan in 70’s, arriving to the rest of the world later on that decade. During its early years, there was a massive videotape format war against Betamax, from which VHS emerged victorious and ruled throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

Today’s throwback comes as a suggestion from our own Victoria. And boy does she have some sweet memories about the VHS era! One the things she kept when gathering information for this piece was “Man… I’m getting emotional”. Let’s slide past the tears of nostalgia and joy and reminisce about those days. 

There was one movie you’d be playing on repeat. I doesn’t matter if you had 50 or 200 VHS tapes, there was always a special one. For Victoria it was Ben Hur (obviously the 50’s one), because she’s an old school girl. The other two movies were The Beauty And The Beast (by the way, there's a real action version coming) and Sisi… Notice a pattern, here? Neither do we, but whatever tickles your pickle, Victoria.

Yeap... The movie was so big it had to be fit in two separate tapes. This meant you had to get your bottom off the couch and change tapes if you really want to see how it ends.

One thing that you may remember not so happily from those years is this:

Victoria says “I do remember the VHS cleaning thing!”

So you we, Victoria! Oh the anticipation of finding out if that tape finally works after the 5th time using the VHS Head Cleaner...

Eventually (and naturally) VHS would be replaced by the DVD after resisting the LaserDisc, which already offered better quality than analog consumer video tape such as standard and super-VHS. By the was, LaserDisc was really gigantic. Here's a picture comparing Laser Disc to the DVD.

Enormous right? So, no wonder DVD would come to crown as the new king of the home thatre experience with it's reduced physical size and huge date capacity compated to VHS and LaserDiscs. DVD's rule also came to an end and left cool memories to the kids watching it.

Now, there's bluray and also, streaming. So the "home theatre" experience is more democratic now, as you have many ways to consume movies WeTek is super happy to produce the devices like WeTek Hub, Core and Play 2 that allows you to enjoy your favourite movies and series.

The questions is: What memories will kids have of this time?