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WeTek Technology Throwback - Philips CD-i

WeTek Technology Throwback - Philips CD-i

PC World ranked it as fourth on their list of "The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time". listed it as number four on their list of The 10 Worst-Selling Consoles of All Time.
CNET listed the system on its list of The worst game console(s) ever.
GameTrailers ranked the Philips CD-i as the fourth worst console of all time in its Top 10 Worst Console lineup.

Sounds like fun!

Philips CD-i is a gaming console released by (you guessed it) Philips in the early 90’s and totally looks like a VCR.

In this week’s throwback we indulge the nostalgic urges towards this piece of obscure technology of own support magician - Pedro.

Pedro is special, he’s one of the few people that actually got in contact with one of these since it only sold 1 million units between 1992 and 1998. Does it sound like a lot? Not when you compare it with Mega Drive/Genesis, which sold about 31 million. As he said when asked if he knew anyone else with whom we would exchange games “I never knew anyone else who had one”. Fortunately, Pedro is an hardcore gamer and this wasn’t his only console while growing up. Imagine the sadness if this had been his only childhood gaming experience.

Little Pedro, however, truly enjoyed the system. “I loved its features at that time: the CD player, karaoke and games.” Sadly, Pedro, wouldn’t say much about he’s karaoke experience, but we’re imagining little Pedro singing along Monty Python. Even though, CD-i’s controllers were one of its most criticized features, little Pedro looked at them with the wonder of a 90’s kid, “The controllers were a major breakthrough! I mean, it had a joystick, a gamepad and even a mouse!” Yes, Pedro, but were they good? Apparently not.

Despite its little commercial and critical success, it still did what it was supposed to do: provide little Pedro with cool memories. “I learned all my basic English playing a coloring/storytelling game, which I can’t remember the name now.” Let see if we can help. Is this the one?

But he played more games than just coloring. “I like Alien Gate which, was SUPER HARD and had this laugh that would come up whenever you lost just to taunt you.” What about cool looking games? “Palm Springs Open, was one of the best golf games I ever played and the best looking game I remember playing around that time. Its graphics were really impressive.” That because it was mostly photographs with little animation… But who cares? Little Pedro had fun anyway!

We talked about educational games, hard games, beautiful gamings, but were missing the UNFORGIVING GAME. That’s Link: The Faces Of Evil, which in the words of Pedro “it’s the most unmerciful game I ever played. Compared to it, Dark Souls, is child’s play. I remember I got to level 3 or 4, but no more. It was impossible.” If you can’t believe it, just check it for yourself.

Thankfully, nowadays there's YouTube, where the memories live forever and streaming devices that can play any content on your TV. If you're into a nostalgia trip, you oughta check out some of the original Philips CD-i games soundtracks floating around.
As much fun as Pedro had, sadly, the console exists to more. Anyway, let's see how much could he make on ebay if he still had it.