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WeTek weekend suggestions

WeTek weekend suggestions

Friday is back! Not like Friday went missing last week. It happened just as it has been happening since the dawn of days, we just couldn’t recommend cool stuff for your weekend because we were moving between offices. But now that we’re all (almost) settled, let’s resume!

What’s good this week? What are people at WeTek watching? What do they like? What’s their favorite show? Do they bleeeeeeeeeeed? Yes, we do. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Ok. Enough with the Halloween references.

Let’s take one question out of the way. Remember Ruben, who’s always attending birthdays? He’s going to three of those this weekend. Oh, you’re a brave, brave man, Ruben. Godbless. Does he have any spare time? Indeed he has! In fact, he just got his GameSir G4s controller for Android and has been playing Dan The Man non stop on his WeTek Play 2. This means that you can do the same! Ruben is gathering information and soon we'll post a piece letting you know which games we prefer to play on WeTek devices.

Now, strap yourselves for some streaming suggestions! 

Carlos will be catching up with the Homeland season 1 on Netflix. 
Victoria will to be buried alive in books (gotta stop with these Halloween puns), but she’ll find some time to check what’s all the fuzz around Westworld.
You may want to take Ana’s lead and go for a nice and warm binge watching session under blankets of Games of Thrones’ season 3. 
Aldina is going out to the movies to watch Bridget Jones's Baby
With Pedro, you know you’ll always have some gaming suggestion and this week is no different: he’ll be playing The Evil Within (perfect for Halloween) and watching The Ranch on Netflix. 
André, on the other hand is feeling the classics this week as we’ll be watching The Big Bang Theory - BAZINGA
Marcus will be watching Narcos season 2, which you should do as well in case you haven’t yet.

Can't wait to check what people will be doing next week!