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WeTek weekend suggestions

WeTek weekend suggestions

Halloween is past us, meaning that the scariest date is coming - BLACK FRIDAY. But there’s still time before the shopping craziness starts. If you’re targetting sweet promotions you can either buy online taking advantage of promotions such as the ones WeTek will be offering, or queue for hours and then battle your way towards the stuff you want to buy and be lucky enough not to find anyone bigger than you who wants the same item.

Sounds stressful? Yeap. Before that, why not relaxing with our weekend suggestions?

Westworld keeps on captivating everyone’s attention, you can count on with a new episode on HBO sunday night, or you can catch up with the show via HBO Go. This show, besides being a must-watch, is the definition of food for thought, just check the fan theories floating around the web (don’t worry, no spoilers).

The new big thing is Black Mirror. Even though the show is already in its third season, only now it gathered worldwide attention. How come? Because, you know... Netflix effect. The show was originally broadcasted between 2011 and 2013 on the british Channel 4, with Netflix commissioning the third season in 2015. It is described as “"a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected” and "a twisted parable for the Twitter age". Regarding its structure, do not expect a long story arc or character development throughout the season, as each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. Curious?

What about taking inspiration from the folks at WeTek?

By now, you should know you can always count on Aldina for solid romantic comedy suggestions. This weekend, she’s feeling nostalgic, so she’s watching Notting Hill and revisiting the love story between Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. However, deep inside most of us actually relate more with Rhys Ifans character - Spike.

You binge watchers can follow the recommendations of Carlos and André, as the first is still trying to catch up with Homeland and the second is almost starting to understand nerd references from The Big Theory.

Do you remember Ruben, the guy who looks like he's on a mission to become the man who attends the most birthdays during the weekends? Well he's finally slowing down. No birthday this weekend. Instead, he'll be watching Sons Of Anarchy on Netflix in the hopes of becoming somewhat more badass.