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WeTek Technology Throwback - MiniDisc

WeTek Technology Throwback - MiniDisc

Today, streaming music is something you just take for granted. As long as you have an internet connection, you know you can think about a song, look it up and play it within seconds. When you think about it, that’s a lot of power. 

But there was a time when, to listen to your favorite songs, you would either buy the record, or hope for a specific song to play on the radio and be quick fortunate enough to record it to a K7. Then things got a little easier, in the 00s you could easily download songs or even records within a few hours and burn them into a CD to enjoy on your Discman. Then came the portable MP3 players and all lead to today, when you can either stream or build a huge mp3 library. 

Missing something from that story? What about the MiniDisc, where does it fit?

Philips DCC Vs Sony MiniDisc - who's gonna win the battle? In the end: neither really.

Surprisingly enough, this piece of technology survived from 1992 all the way up to 2013. Was it the most portable device? Well it wasn’t that much smaller than a Walkman or Discman. Did it provide amazing sound quality? Nope, it was lossy, actually. There were a few devices offering better sound quality.

What was it then? Some say the futuristic design. But what does, Eduardo, from our design team say? “I just loved how it looked. Maybe it was the metal case of the device itself or how cool the discs looked. It just felt premium in some kind of way”.

Eduardo got his MiniDisc player when he was about 12 years old "My uncle gave it to me in Christmas and, at that age, I wasn't that into music. In a way, having that piece of  technology made me dive into music and it ended up being very important to me during my teen years."

Eduardo would go through the process most everyone would go to - recording CD's into MiniDisc in the speed of 1:1. "I would spend whole afternoons recording CD's from my collection and my parent's to into MiniDiscs. Even though it was time consuming, I loved doing that anyway."

As much as Eduardo loved his MiniDisc, one thing is certain - the odds of finding someone with the same device were slim.

It didn't deserve it, but Eduardo's MiniDisc didn't break of wear and tear, or was lost in a trip, instead, as Eduardo tell's "It was chewed by my dog beyond recognition". We guess that's what you get for sporting shinny coloured pieces of technology...

What about now? "Today I consume most of my music via streaming. I usually just get home, access Spotify on my WeTek Hub on the kitchen TV and usually cook dinner while streaming old records or super new sutff."