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WeTek weekend suggestions

WeTek weekend suggestions

Another week just went by. And what a week that was!

How can the weekend possibly trump this week... (pun intended). Let's recap!

We were at the Web Summit and even got a chance to offer the presidential WeTek Hub to the President of Portugal - Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Also during this past week, the people of the United States of America chose the new leader of the free world - Donald Trump. Which makes now a very good time to look back at his career in front of the cameras.

Ruben, the birthday man, is travelling to South Africa, where WeTek will be one the TV Connect Africa 2016 exchibitors. During the long flights he’ll be catching up with Mr. Robot. 

If the couch is looking like the best idea for such an intense week, here's some suggestions:

  • Walking Dead's season 7 premiere got A LOT of attention. Have you seen it? Maybe you should.
  • If you're looking to outrageous animated series, check Rick & Morty. It's not brand new. But it is SUPER awesome. Plus, Rick (kinda) sings Barker's Street.

Eduardo will be streaming Leonard Cohen’s old record (and the new one which is quite good) on Spotify throughout the weekend via his WeTek Hub.

So long, Cohen, thank you for all the music and words.