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WeTek Technology Throwback - Brick Games

WeTek Technology Throwback - Brick Games

Block grid,
Super low resolution,
Black and white only,
Dot matrix screen.

Looks like a poem, but sounds likes specs.

We’re talking about BRICK GAME!

The Brick Game was a popular handheld game console in the late 1980s to the early 1990s, which uses the block grid as a crude, low resolution dot matrix screen. Even though they’re mostly known as “Tetris Machines”, actually they would often offer have many variations of famous russian game such as  racing or even space shooters.

Many of us around the office had one at any given summer, but Carlos is definitely the most passionate about this old piece of technology.

Like any 90’s kid, Carlos can’t quite recall when he first got one of these little wonder, but he must have been “around 4 years old”. And amazed little Carlos? "The amount of games available was amazing! Knowing I could play one thousand different games was a very powerful feeling, and yet, I would always play the same three..."

Carlos, was a kid that would get easily bored "I used to play it not only at home, but also at the beach, while in the car and also during weddings." Apparently, he was attending a lot of weddings as well!

Can such a low budget, widely available, plastic toy endure the test of time? Carlos thinks it can, but unfortunately, as he says "I'm sure I still have, I just don't know where..."

But, what if he would find it?

"Dude, If I find it  I know I'm going to waste a whole afternoon in a very stupid way..."