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WeTek weekend suggestions - Shopping Spree Edition

WeTek weekend suggestions - Shopping Spree Edition

If you're not queueing outside a shopping mall, then you're taking it easy or you're just smart and made all your Black Friday shopping online. By the way... GRAB OUT 20% OFF ON WETEK HUB DEAL! Online, of course. No hassle.

In the next few days, lots of videos will emerge depicting retail chatos, elbows, cat-fights and all what comes with Black Friday mania. Before those are made available, here's a list of amazing movie scenes with crazy shopping mall action.

Terminator 2




Jingle All The Way

We love Arnold Schwarzenegger, but we honestly wish we could unsee this movie...


Looks like Arnie is the king of shopping brawl. We can't get enough of this mayhem and watchin Arnie going all Tarzan!


One of the most endearing scenes ever! True joy.

Home Alone

A classic! Immortal classic.