Industry Consultancy

Face industry challenges with the expertise to match them. We cover various grounds of consultancy to help you build your service from scratch or help it escalate. Want to face a new market for a new territory? We’ll give you the tools to do so in a smart way.

Get into the Android TV ecosystem and take advantage of all it’s added value by building your service around it. You can leverage the content available at the Google Play Store and Google Movies, while customizing every single aspect of your platform and never losing focus on your brand.

Increase your margins with monetization strategies designed for your needs and specifically for your service. From ad revenue and subscription strategies to audience targeting, we consider all options at your disposal to assure the best possible financial outcome with scalability potential.

From either our in-house solutions or our partner’s we make sure implementation is followed every step of the way, with no intermediaries. From planning to implementation, including quality control, everything is assured with the least amount of noise, so you focus on what matters.

Guide us through your idea and we’ll make it work. From first planning to implementation, we will get you where you need to be every step of the way, addressing every challenge before it presents itself, so you can have a safe travel towards your service.

If your service requires a specific kind of device, we will develop it. Either from scratch or from our wide array of already built devices, we can provide a solution that fits your needs. From streaming to cable and even both signals combined, don’t let your vision be compromised by what is in the market.

If your vision does not fit in within the array of solutions already on the market, we can fill in that gap by providing the needed architecture and design. Minimize risks and let us study your options, we can make your project work according to your needs and the needs of those you target.

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