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Taking advantage of our connectivity technology, we are able to address sustainability issues and maximize profit. Our years of expertise in the video distribution industry have also allowed us to think about multimedia experiences, and ways to improve lifetime customer value through brand engagement.

Combining open ecosystems, capable of accessing all the main TV apps, as well as having the capability to control the interface, making it simple and interactive;

Integrating IoT devices into the facility’s ecosystem (smart hotels), as well as in the healthcare system, such as personal monitoring devices (PIR, heart rate check, etc);

Reducing costs on Set-top Boxes without losing compatibility with their current industry solutions;

Delivering video services and OTT apps, over old and legacy coaxial infrastructures.

Lack of technical knowledge, amongst organizations, especially related to Set-top Box / Big Screen design, development, and production processes.

Increase NPS while offering a much better experience. Helping users to gain easy access to the FTG (Free to Guest) content that best fits their taste.

Increase profitability from the FTG content, gaining access to detailed statistics about content consumption, and helping customers make better decisions about their content purchases.

Increase revenue sources by way of on-screen advertisement, product/app placement and app revenue share.

Reduce investment for older facilities that are still using their traditional coaxial infrastructure, for TV content, and the internet only for OTT.

Allow market players to perform easy and fast.

Create POCs without the need to build teams and technology from the ground up.

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