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Here’s an overview of some frequently asked questions and how we approach them in our problem solving.

Android TV allows you to customize virtually any aspect of your launcher while providing the user with a Google certified experience. You can keep your brand identity and join it with the amount of content already available at the Google Play Store and Google Movies. You can increase your value with a quick and easy to implement system.

Android TV is a system already designed to function at the highest of levels, so having your serviced attached to it would significantly decrease your development costs, as well as integration with multiple screens and devices. Android TV took care of the hard part.

If you have a fleet of devices deployed in customers’ homes, we can help you control them all from one place. This allows you, not only to save in technical support, not having to send a technician to those locations, but also predict and defuse errors before they become a problem. Our already built WeBoxControl solution takes care of all that and more, like blocking and upgrading devices remotely.

When your stuck to one screen, you make it hard for users to access your content. Allowing them to watch your programming over smartphones, tablets and computers will allow users to establish a stronger connection to your brand and increase ad opportunities, among other benefits.

Standard solutions can by costly when your paying for specs you don’t really need. If you have a big order and you know exactly what your service needs, then we can take care of all that with our team of experts. We create High quality devices according to your and your clients’ needs. Save money and time, there are no middle players, just you and us.

Hybrid devices allow your users to get the most out of linear TV and OTT or IPTV, when they have all of that at their disposal, they are more likely to stay longer in your ecosystem and perceive your brand as valuable. Also, versatility would increase your sales pitch.

TV is still the centerpiece of the modern household and though OTT is gaining a lot of traction, it is seen as an added feature to the primary source for multimedia experiences. Multiple screens add to the strength of a brand, but a TV service is still at the top of priorities for most consumers.

If you’re working over linear TV you must establish notoriety, and multiplatform video distribution can accomplish exactly that, by building your brand in a way it reaches your viewers anywhere. Not only that, you can make the best out of content that only works on your primary ground of business, like live shows or sports. In whichever way you look at it, you can mix your content offering with the channels you provide it on.

By having the right measurement tools for your business, you can make smart choices concerning the content you provide and even the schedule you should provide it on. Create intelligent content producing and acquiring methods, to show your audience what they want and even provide advertising companies with more information on where they should advertise, increasing your value.

There are multiple ways on how to compete with bigger companies, some of them may rely on user experience and content, while others may come in the form of partnerships, so you can aggregate content from multiple providers using a single billing signage.

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